Safe & Effective for all 3 Trimesters for a Healthy, Strong & Calm Pregnancy, Labor & Birth Experience

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Educational Courses (Value $60)

Prenatal Yoga 101

Why you should be practicing Prenatal Yoga throughout your ENTIRE pregnancy (even before you're showing!)
I also share some essential Do's & Don'ts and helpful modifications that you can use in your yoga practice to accommodate for your growing belly.

Top Yoga Poses for Pregnancy

Practice these top prenatal yoga poses often throughout all 3 trimesters to assist with opening your hips, strengthening your back and making room for baby.

Prenatal Yoga Classes (Value $85)

Mama Flow - Prenatal Vinyasa Class (45 minutes)

Flow gently between postures, lengthening the muscles in your back, hips and sides, as you learn to connect with your breath, baby and the Mama within.

Goddess Strength - Prenatal Power Class (45 mins)

Build & maintain strength in your arms, chest, core, hips and legs in this balanced but challenging class. Safely engage your core and learn how to stay calm & grounded within any challenge you may face during pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond.

Relax & Release - Prenatal Hatha Class (45 minutes)

Enjoy long gentle holds, on your low energy days or as an evening practice, to release tension from your neck, shoulders, chest, back, and hips. Connect with a soothing, deep breath as you relax on your mat.

Labor Prep - Prenatal Restorative Class (45 minutes)

Practice this class once a week throughout your entire pregnancy for a healthy, calm labor & birth. You'll learn 2 different breathing techniques, an effective pelvic floor exercise, poses that can be used during labor & birth, and a visualization to keep you positive & calm.

Prenatal Yoga Routines (Value $60)

Prenatal Morning Yoga (15 minutes)

This 15 minute Prenatal Morning Yoga Routine is ideal for those stiff, achey mornings. The slow start will melt tension from your neck & shoulders and warm up your hips and low back. You'll finish feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Prenatal Yoga Workout (20 minutes)

This Prenatal Yoga Workout is appropriate for all trimesters to build and maintain a strong, healthy body throughout pregnancy, to prepare for birth and a faster recover in postpartum.

Prenatal Bedtime Yoga (20 minutes)

This 20 minute Prenatal Bedtime Yoga Routine is slow-paced and filled with hip openers to release tension and increase blood flow to your legs before bed.

Prenatal Yoga Guides - PDF (Value $95)

Prenatal Do's & Don'ts

A comprehensive list of the Do's & Don'ts of Prenatal Yoga with explanations to provide you with confidence & knowledge to maintain your yoga practice throughout your pregnancy.

How to Modify for your Growing Body

Learn all the ways that you can continue to take advantage of your favorite yoga videos or classes, including modifications for the suggested postures you'll learn to avoid.

Prenatal Relief

This guide provides you with yoga postures you can use for relief of common pregnancy aches & pains such as: Back Pain, Constipation, Headache, Heartburn, Incontinence, Insomnia, Nausea, Poor Posture, Restless Legs, Round Ligament Pain, Sciatica, Swelling & Varicose Veins.

Week-Long Yoga Schedules for all 3 Trimesters

These week-long schedules have been curated with an understanding of the energy levels & needs that drastically change over the course of pregnancy. Whether you’ve been stuck to the couch for 3 days or you’re ready to run a marathon there is a suggested schedule for you.



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With my background as a chiropractic assistant, functional movement is intertwined into all of my sequences. I've also had an autoimmune disease called Ulcerative Colitis for most of my life - making stress and anxiety relief with mindfulness, breathing exercises & body awareness a top priority of my videos.


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